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Which diet is the best for weight loss?

Are they all the same or does it matter which diet you adhere to? Do you need to exercise or is that waste of time? We have analysed randomised control trials and mapped the influence of carbohydrates, protein, fats, calories, aerobic exercise and resistance training. You can combine these into 729 different weigh loss protocols. The results are quite amazing since they show that 2 of these possible combinations outperforms all others. Just as important 1 of them does not cut body fat no matter what you do. For the first time ever we can conclusively answer the question which diet is the best. Be the first to find out, right now you can watch the presentation of the results for free.

Paleo vs Heart Healthy diet

In a recent (June 2015) study from Eastern Michigan University the Paleo diet came out on top once again. This was not against a junk food eating control group, which is normally used to test new diets, rather the control group were using a heart-healthy diet based on the recommendations of the American Heart Association.


Non diabetic volunteers with high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia).


Tested diets

–          Grain-free Paleolithic diet

–          Grain-based “heart-healthy” diet based on American Heart Association



Four months of the Paleo diet significantly lowered total cholesterol, LDL (“bad” cholesterol), and triglycerides and increased HDL (“good” cholesterol) relative to both baseline and the traditional grain based heart-healthy diet.


Paleolithic nutrition improves plasma lipid concentrations of hypercholesterolemic adults to a greater extent than traditional heart-healthy dietary recommendations. Nutr Res. 2015 Jun.