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7 Popular Ketogenic Questions Nobody Seems to Answer

There seem to be a number of “unanswered” questions in the ketogenic community. In this session, you will get the answer to the most common questions we have got in this area. Most of them are from medical professionals so the answers are perhaps on a somewhat more advanced level that we usually try to keep. Still, our endeavour always is to communicate in a way that is possible to grasp for the general public.

The questions we cover are:

  1. What is the difference between blood, urine and breath measurements of ketones?
  2. How will hormones like Glucagon and Insulin influence ketone bodies?
  3. Wouldn’t a daily high fat consumption dramatically impair vascular function?
  4. What about atherosclerosis and high-fat diet?
  5. How much of the brain’s energy are coming from ketone bodies?
  6. Can non-insulin raising carbohydrates be used on a ketogenic diet?
  7. Absent weight loss on a ketogenic diet. How to troubleshoot difficult cases?


If you have additional questions or if something isn’t clear please let us know.

Which Factors are Most Important for Strength Development?

Listen to the founder of Black Belt Nutrition, Patrik Dahlin, at Super Human Radio Show to find out. The information is based on novel research with the use of multi-factor analysis of both nutritional components (protein, carbs, creatine) and training protocol (frequency, reps, sets, progression) to assess how these on both individual levels as well as in combination influence strength development.